Fascinating Home Office Design Ideas Leave People in Awe

Artistic Design For A Home Office With A Blue Velvet Chair And Ottoman In French Style

The idea of feminine and masculine sides also invades home and interior design. As one of sophisticated rooms inside, home office also has been caught in those choices. It does not necessarily mean that masculine is just for men and feminine side is for women. But, actually each of it has certain characteristics determining which design is used. But, for easiness of giving example, let’s say that feminine do have touch of girlish theme, colors, and other decor.

Girlish home office design may sound the theme is just for kids or teenagers. But, it also includes mature women favorite items. Related to this situation, take a look at this white color themed office, there hung as backdrop behind desk is pictures containing flowers and birds drawings. For further guidelines, choose earthy tones and pictures to give feminine design, and as well as flowery arrangement or cute potted plants. Choose neutral colors like black and white for furniture basic.

In home office with women theme, place plush pink drawers in Victorian age style at the corner. Victorian style is always identic to feminine so this item is helpful in building the character. Also place rounded armchairs, made from grey velvet materials, and pair with glossy black desks. In another design, add coral velvet sofas in the middle of home office to lie back for a while in order to avoid stress to come.

As mentioned above, neutral colors are used for furniture and decor. But, because this is for home office design with feminine touch, do not forget to add accent colors to set and brighten the mood. Furthermore, instead of plain walls, choose flower printed wallpaper in colorful theme, yet do not over design it and just place some furniture in neutral style. For lighting part, decide whether to go for simple and minimalist like desk lamps, or elegant and extravagant side in form of chandelier.

French Chic Home Office For A Girl With Woodfloor And Large Windows

Beautiful Home Office With A Feminine Touch And Minimalist Furnishing

Lovely Home Office With Floral Wallpaper For Two Person

Inspiring Traditional Home Office With A Feminine Touch In White Interior And Wood Flooring

Modern Home Office In Red And White With Modern Furniture

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