Fascinating Teenage Boys bedroom for Your Lovely Boy

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A Teenage boys bedroom has many varieties. It is because there are so many inspirations for boys bedroom which is adjusted with the desire of the boys, for example their hobbies, their dream even their activities. Here we have some pictures that will give you references about teenage boys bedroom.

Look at the picture. In the first picture we can see the room has a simple and minimalist design. Dominated in blue and color the room looks very boyish. Boy loves simple and minimalist design of bedroom, it is because they are human who love simplicity and do not like complicated details. There is a painting of a very popular baseball player on the wall on the top side near the bed. It looks like the boy who stays in the room loves to play baseball. Under the bed there is a white rug with a baseball painting in the center of the rug. The window is big and it is covered with a creamy soft curtains. Teenage Boys Bedroom design like this will give your son comfort.

Another example of fascinating teenage Boys bedroom can be seen in the second picture. A room dominated by creamy and brown color is very suitable with the placing of orange chairs and pillow which is placed on the bed. The bed has two color combinations of white and blue in stripes pattern. The platform bed has white color made from wooden materials while the floor has dark brown color made from wood. In the right side of the wall near the bed, there is a painting of people who are skateboarding. It represents that the boy perhaps love skateboarding.

Every room design represents the characteristics of its owner who stay in the room. A clean simple and minimalist room reflects the characteristics of a person who love cleanliness and has simple minded idea when he thinks or decides something. People who love baseball, music, skateboard, or something else will also have furniture or a painting which represents their hobbies. Now, it is time for you to ask your sons what they like for their bedroom. Teenage Boys bedroom design ideas like this will help you to find what the best is for your son.

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