Fresh House Natural Design as a New Innovation of House Design

Awesome Wood Parquet Exterior Wooden House Decor

Wooden material combination that is designed interestingly can create a perfect concept of house natural design that can be applied maximally. All of element of houses designed by using a wooden material creates a natural concept of a house design. It is categorized into a new innovation of house design because generally a wooden material is often combined with other materials in a modern house design.

Wooden house design built in a natural location can create a perfect natural concept of a house. It can be happened because a natural condition surrounding automatically can support a natural design of a house that has a fresh and cool condition every time. A large and opened yard designed by using a beautiful and artistic yard will be an additional value of a house exterior design. All of them are categorized into natural house design ideas especially for house exterior design.

A natural color of a wooden material and brick design combined show a special characteristic of a house design that can make the design to be different with other house designs. Open space area that has a natural concept can also be created by placing comfortable chair completed with desk at the yard of house as a comfortable place to relax in the morning and evening.

As an additional innovation of a house interior design, an elegant house library can be designed in a special side of room in a house. A glass window placed in a wall of house library design will be able to give a natural background of a room as a change of art painting. A comfortable and big pillow can be used as a facility that gives a comfortable condition the house library room. A green color of rug applied also gives a natural and fresh impression of the library room in a house. Natural interior design can be created easily by applying some natural material of house design.

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