Gili Lankanfushi: A Perfectly Beautiful Resort You Can Find in Maldives

Awesome Floating Bed Beach Retreat Place

Gili Lankanfushi is the one that is perfect to be called as outstanding resort in Maldives. If you have a chance to visit Maldives someday, you really have to consider choosing this private resort in lankanfushi island as a place for you to stay. In general, it can be said that this resort is so full of colors, especially green, yellow, and also blue. These colors are not only found in the interior of the resort itself but also in its surroundings too. You really have to know that this is a traditional floating resort that is located on beach area instead of land area.

As a beautiful private island resort, fascinating beauty is something that can be seen so easily from its location. The sure thing is that the beauty of the sea is the most seen one. This kind of natural beauty is the one that can be seen without even leaving the area of this traditional villa. This is a resort that is designed to own fewer boundaries with nature. Most rooms in the resort are made to be quite open with half-wall design. For the bedroom it is made to own see-through glass wall and window so that the beauty of its surroundings can still be seen from there. Other than that, there is also some open air deck in which outdoor furniture is placed. The furniture is of course a great addition for this tropical island resort.

The design of this Maldives floating resort makes it included in the category of luxury resort in Maldives. It is not only because it is located in private area. It is also because of the use of luxury custom furniture that seems to be made especially for the resort only. That is why this resort is a perfect destination for a private luxury escape.

Amazing White Sand Beach View Tropical Resort

Awesome Boederless Swimming Pool With Gazebo

Fascinating Loung Space With Small Gazebo

Beautiful Lounge Room With Traditional Design

Beautiful Wooden Bedroom Interior With Traditional Design

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