Glamour Redesigned Hotel of 1940s Hollywood Era

Executive Suite Comfort Bedroom Decor With White Bedding And Soft Color Interior

The Four Season Hotel in Los Angeles redesigns its building to facilitate the elite of Hollywood A-List event’s guest. Thus, this redesigned hotel offers the look of 1940s era of Hollywood as for exposing the rich history of Hollywood, such as the use of the iconic windows lounge.

The entrance of this wonderful redesigned hotel is using the glamor look of the old era: golden tone and pillars as the hint of Hollywood glamorous lifestyle. The canopies outdoors emphasize the old look this hotel is exposing. This is the perfect place to imagine yourself walking out of a shiny black limousine, then going to the hotel on a red carpet, with photographers are taking your photos and your fans are trying hard to touch you or have their stuffs signed by you… That is what a Hollywood stars do!

Inside the building, you will find the rooms in varying accent but they are all showing off the lifestyle of Hollywood around 1940s. The lobby hall looks pretty luxury with the expose of golden tone, grand chandelier, and green plants in every corner. Do not forget about the detail of patterned marble tiles for the floor, sophisticated decorations, and gold small table with pretty white lilies as the center of attention. The bedroom itself has the timeless glamor of 1940s era. Such as the use of elegant mirrored wall paneling and white-gold tones for the headboard. The bed itself uses white and turquoise tones with golden pattern. Or the use huge floral pattern on side of the walls combined with floral carpets and beautiful flower filled in a vase on the bedside table. Other bedroom uses only white, black, and coffee colors creating an airy space without losing the glamorous.

The wonderful redesigned hotel ideas are applied in every inch of the hotel. Small details such as the choice of the lighting, windows, carpets, drapes, and even smaller ones such as the choice of circular mirror framed in rounded one or classic table with modern chairs will only revive how great living as a Hollywood star in1940s.

Architecture Four Seasons Exterior Extravagant Lobby Design Luxury Hotel In Beverly Hills

Architecture Windows Lounge With Open Space Design And Green Trees View

Awesome Lobby Design With Luxury Cahndelier And Big Flower Bucket

Grand Luxury Suite With Cozy Lounge Space And Comfortable Couch

Executive Suite Design With Floor To Ceiling Windows And Floral Carpet

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