Gorgeous Contemporary Hotel in the Heart of London

Stunning Roof Terrace Design Comfort Outdoow White Sofa And Amazing London View

Looking for a luxury accommodation during your stay in London? Then, you can choose the ME London Hotel. This five star contemporary hotel is located in a sought after area in London that will surprise you with its contemporary designs. Standing at the bottom of its 80 feet-tall atrium, you better be awestricken.

The wonderful contemporary hotel interiors are designed with the choice of modern, contemporary tones such as black, white, silver, and bronze. See you enchanted by the restaurant, which looks shiny and modern in bronze tone that wraps the other tones perfectly. The outstanding design is shown in the contemporary bar that uses bronze and shiny white, plus the contemporary lighting.

The gorgeous pyramid details for the lounge will leave you speechless as well. See how the shiny walls reflecting the pyramid accents to the whole lounge room. Definitely, you will not see any room like this in other hotels or places. The reflection of the pyramid accents on the black walls, caused by the lights coming in from the ceiling is enchanting as well. More pyramid style in dark black walled lounge room creating a shiny hint with the use of white chairs and tables, plus the choice of lighting that illuminates any bright colors.

The bedroom is painted all in white, with bronze accent of the drapes and carpets. Plus the green tinge from beautiful plant on the bedside table and dark tone details for the floor and the chair creating an airy and modern bedroom. This combination is applied in the bathroom as well, emphasizing the modern style as wonderful contemporary hotel design in every inch of this building. But, this ME London Hotel is not exclusively for temporary visitor. If you are looking for an apartment, this hotel provides apartments on the upper two levels that will also provide you the spectacular views of London.

Creative Hotel Me London Awesome Penthouse Design With Modern Balcony And London City View

Daring Atrium Hotel Me London Iconic And Artistic Modern Architecture

Exterior Hotel Me London Beautiful Pyramid Hotel Shape

Hotel Me London Amazing Atrium Design Contemporary Hotel In London

Hotel Me London Amazing Loung Room Design With Large Glass Window And Beautiful London Scenery

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