Gorgeous Wood House; Beautiful Integration of Wood Construction with Nature

Wooden Door Casing And Wooden Window Frame Decor

This beautiful wood house is located in Seattle, Washington, USA. The design carried out by DeForest Architects and go with name Courtyard House. If you look it as passerby, you may conclude this secluded home is mysterious, as the exterior doesn’t give you more impression rather than massive appearance of wood construction with several trees and bushes. You’re not mistaken, as exterior purpose not intended to stand out and contrast from surrounding, except its big massive look.

The exterior performance gives us a simple conclusion, that this wood house construction are meant for private function of user, except you go inside, you won’t barely know its interior. Massive exterior building with wood textures and green plants, combined with frosted glass panel as its shading. If you take deep observation, you will be aware, that this wood house construction originally is a steel construction as its main structure. And yes, the designer put this combination of wood and structure exposing wood as dominant part of performance. The design epically performs wood texture and color as its focal point. You’ll be amazed when you step inside this house to observe its interior performance from close distance.

Interior performance of this wood house, clearly expose the wood as main dominant part of interior. You will see wood in every room you enter. Almost all furniture exposes wood, as well as ceiling and stairs. Floor tile balance this dominant texture and color of wood, with pale color of white and brown color, while the patio use parquets as its tile. Most enthralling part of interior is its integration in writer’s opinion, as the wood expression of this residence, complements and integrates beautifully with yard and garden, which will give you more than a living space. These pictures will give you more detail impression of its interior performance.

While several wood homes designed to expose wood specially, this house integrates it with intimate bond of interior, garden and surrounding, a splendid work of architecture.

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