Green Zero Project as New Contribution for Accommodation Business

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A new contribution that is predicted to be quite significant in accommodation business has been made. It is no other else but the greenhouse design architecture that is also known as the Greenhouse by Studio di Architettura Daniele Menichini. This project is known with the name of Green Zero. With small Eco house design, this building offers quite a lot of special points inside. Here are some of them.

The Benefits of Green Zero for Accommodation Business

If seen from the point of view of accommodation business, there are actually several benefits that can be obtained from this modern greenhouse design. The first is the fact that this building is the one that is designed to be suitable to be placed in any kinds of terrain. Moreover, it has already been completed with excellent drainage and rainwater management system. Other than that, it also has a unique house design that can of course be said as a certain attractiveness that can be found in holiday lodging for anyone who hope for a perfect quality holidays to refreshed their body and mind.

Interesting Details Inside and out

The last but not least thing that should not be forgotten about this minimalist greenhouse design is that it has interesting details both in inside and out. From the front, it is so clear that it has smart small terrace ideas in which some furniture are placed. Entering this house, you will directly see fresh color bedroom design that is decorated with some unique furniture and also large windows that enable occupants to see outside while resting or enjoying their time inside. Lastly, there is a minimalist bathroom with especially made walls and windows. All combinations inside this lodging, including also about the fact that it is an Eco-friendly accommodation is something that makes it a perfect choice for both accommodation businessmen and also tourists.

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