Holiday Home Design: CT House in Sao Paolo, Brazil

Modern Open Living Room House Design The First Level Floor Plan

There are some people in the world that lucky enough to have a beautiful holiday home design. Yes, there are many more person that don’t have this kind of a house, but that is not what we will talk about here, we will talk about the outstanding holiday home design that created by Bernardes and Jacobsen Arquitetura. This stunning holiday home design is called the CT House and this amazing holiday home design is located an hour and a half from the city of São Paulo, Brazil. This superb holiday home design is indeed deserves to become an example for any holiday home design creation.

This beautiful holiday home design is created by using modern style design and it is located in an outstanding area. In this kind of housing design, location is very important and in this case, this special holiday home design is located in one of the best possible located for a home, which make it so special. It has very unique architectural design. This special holiday home design is divided into two areas, the public and the private area. The public area is located in under that construction while the private area is located in the stage-like architectural design.

The supporting facility and the space setting of this perfect holiday home design is also the one that make this house looks amazing. Take a look at the simple swimming pool design that located in the side area of the house. This swimming pool is located in the best area of this house where you can enjoy your afternoon enjoying the beautiful surrounding scenery.

That was some information of gorgeous holiday home design in Sao Paolo, Brazil. Beautiful holiday home design may not the house that can be owned by all people, but when it happens you have the chance to create this kind of house, this incredible holiday home design is indeed the one that you can use as an example of your creation.

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