Incredible Bathroom Area Relax Your Body and Mind

Elegant Green Fern In A Crisp White For Small Bathroom With Few Furnishing

People need to feel relax and comfortable after their activities a whole day. One way to deal with this matter is to have some relaxation. Thus, people will need bathroom area to calm their nerves. In this case it will also mean that you need those right and proper designs to determine the bathroom’s effect and accent. Furthermore, this place actually is used for storage to keep many things such as towels, electronic items like hairdryers, toiletries, and other basic grooming stuffs. Hence, it needs a quite big space.

As mentioned above, you should have rather big space when building powder room. But, what if what you got inside your home is that small bathroom area? The answer to this problem is simple: make it simple and create spacious feeling. On the other side, achieving those purposes is not that easy. For example, for keeping your daily and necessary items you need those beautiful mini apothecary jars to store cotton balls and other products. Use glass container to get more accent from its shiny feature.

Arrange all of your products in neat manner on top of the ceramic countertop, for instance to keep soap, lotion, tissue, q tips, and etc. Meanwhile, to create sense of spacious room just installs the glass shower door instead of hanging shower curtain. Pick suitable colors and good combination. If you choose emerald tile for shower area, then paint walls outside in minty green or washout green paired with white color accent.

Do not forget to consider about small bathroom area décor, for which you can add some special features. Install wooden shelving to save some space and also for further decorations. Put unique pictures and flowers in mini vase, and then adjust the lighting part as well. Various artworks hanging on your bathroom’s wall is good idea but do not exaggerate it in order not to ruin the rest design.

Bright Color Forbathroom Blue And White Tile In A Compact Bathroom

Decorative Vases In And Furniture For A Small Bathroom Design

Colorful Sconces In A Wallpapered Bathroom With 2 Red Wall Lamp Balanced Color Decor Bathroom

Minimalist Bathroom Design With Charming Details In A Tiled Bathroom And Steel Material

Pesonalized Need Arrangement Like Cotton Balls And Q Tips In Glass Containers Compact Bathroom Design

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