Inspirations from Central Washington River House

Beautiful Marble Kitchen Island And Outdoor Patio Furniture

Inspirations are things that can be obtained quite easily in Central Washington river house. This is actually a living space that is just completed by McClellan Architects. This house is so perfect to be included in the category of natural house. It is not merely about the fact that the house is located in a location with perfect natural surroundings. Instead, it is also the one that is created mostly with wooden exterior and also interior. That is why this house is a really great example to gain inspirational exterior and also interior ideas.

The Exterior of River House

In the exterior of this amazing river house, wood elements are found quite a lot. These are of course not the only ones that make the exterior fascinating. From the exterior, it is clearly seen that this house is located in a very beautiful surrounding environment with lake as its focal point. In the exterior, quite a lot of living spaces available, including are the pool area and outdoor dining space. All of these makes it is easier for occupants to get perfect natural relaxation. Even sitting in an outdoor living space in the exterior is enough to gain relaxation because stunning view is something that can be seen almost from every side of this house.

The interior of River House

In the interior, this amazing river house design is adorned with exclusivity here and there. It is started from the choice of interior in there to the decorations, including marble counter tops and also telescope, that make the interior perfect. Moreover, the combination of all those interior details actually makes this sophisticated interior design to have a quite high luxury value too. The luxury river house interior makes this living space to be a perfect place to stay permanently or just as a place for an escape once in a while.

Bright Interior With Large Glass Wall And Wooden Flooring

Central Washington River House Exterior Of Garage And Home Facade

3 Lounge Chair Near The Pool With Amazing River View

Awesome Green Landscape And House Rear Facade With Glass Wall

Beautiful Garden And The Street House Enterence

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