Inspiring Modern Home Design; Residence in Austin, Texas

Comfy Living Sofa Design With Modern Fireplace In Center Of Twin Glass Cabinet Decor

This beautiful modern home design in Austin carried out perfectly by Cornerstone Architects, with approach of coastal influence as though in design. With coastal influence into exterior performance of building, turn the design into tropical house by utilizing pitched roof, and some masonry construction with accent of stone, while the rest of exterior performance dominated by windows and opening, hence you can see the indoor light radiate through the windows, make the appearance of the building itself romantic and elegant. Landscape is designed to refine this building, with green lawn and bushes accentuate harmony between building design and landscape design. Outdoor pool and water fountain in blue turn into great accent of exterior.

While exterior performance tend to express calmness and simplicity, this contemporary home design offer luxurious and modern interior which completely different with outdoor impression, as you can enjoy every detail in posh and grand. Fireplace is brightly illuminated from natural light, provided by large window opening from glass and steel frame. Modern furniture with accent of gray, balances the dominant color of interior, and turn into great composition of indoor appearance. Little accent from various colors, can be found from other little object such as painting and pillows, and lighting fixture stuck in columns and wall, with dimming light provide romantic expression. Patio is oriented into swimming pool and yard, with soft couches in white, you will surely enjoy every seconds here. For dining room, you can see many lighting fixture on ceiling, a gorgeous touch of manmade lighting with space. The room itself reflects modernity and sophisticated impression, plays with gray and white as dominant color, from table and seating in gray, and surrounding white background. Artistic candlelight lamp, accentuate the room with beautiful impression. This contemporary home design, turn every spaces of interior, wrapping it with luxury and grand appearance.

This modern home design combine tropical architecture approach with modern interior performance, great concept of coastal influences with spirit of the space, and manmade touch, combine and turn into masterpiece.

As the exterior reflect a nice and cozy living space for family, the building itself offer luxury and more than a function from its modern interior home design.

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