Inspiring Timeless Theme Gives Unexpected Touches

White Bed With Artistic Headboard And Purple Lighting

Some items go and some others still stay in the popularity. There are items that are used to be iconic in their times, and the rest will be used for creating timeless theme for which sports fashion sense. High fashion sense and style will promise you trendy design for your home and interior. Moreover, when it comes to contrasting colors better you choose vibrant colors and then combine this color with subtle and monochrome hues.

Bring modernity to your dining area and kitchen by painting walls, ceiling, and flooring in gray shades. It gives soothing effect when you combine this with combination of turquoise and yellow, of which you can put it as wall paint. Place transparent glass for dining table and its complementary chairs. For creating timeless theme room, hang several bulbs with long rope and give shiny silver rounded lampshades.

Let’s move to bedroom, place where possibilities can happen any time. Choose the same rounded metallic pendant like in living room as your room’s side lamp. Use white color from floor to ceiling and roll out full pattern rug under your bedding area. Choose soft tufted headboard and black bedstead and place soft spring bed covered with white bed sheet and checkered blanket. Add several pillows in various sizes and choose one to be covered with animal print. Beside your bed place mini table and on top of it place several pictures with unique frames.

Highlighting other rooms is important to do as well. Pair the monochrome colors, of which dominant part is for black, with colors of softy green and powerful magenta. Cover your large sized window with huge black curtain and hang some artworks to your wall. Decorating timeless theme room also means to place flower petal designed chair. Use the one with yellow color so it looks like a huge flower sofa.

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