La Planicie House: Luxurious Residence with Maximum Connection with Nature

Wooden Floor Open Living Space Design

When talking about luxury home design, it is so certain that La Planicie is a good example that you have to check out. The house is built with Eco house design somewhere in La Molina District in Peru. The developer of this house is known to be Oscar GonzalezMoix. This residence is broadly 905 square meters. It is well known because of the maximum connection with nature that is applied in the design. It is in fact something requested by the owner of this house.

Unique U-Shape Residence

This 3 courtyard house is actually something that is well-known not only because of the nature connectivity that creates quite a lot of open space, including the indoor and outdoor living room. Instead, it is also famous because of its U shape home design. Because of this design, there is a quite large size central courtyard in the house area. In relation to the location of this house, great and distant hills’ view can be seen clearly from it.

Details of the House

When it comes to the details of this Modern house in Peru, it can be said that there are quite a lot to pay attention to. For example, in the exterior, there is private pool that that can be used to chill out when the weather is hot. This detail seems to be a good companion to the summer dining space that is designed especially for barbeque and grill. Other than that, there is also an exceptionally designed modern wooden patio. Besides the living room, dining room an also kitchen that is located in a rather open space, other rooms are located inside. One other thing about that is that this is a house with two stories that is adorned with quite a lot of large-sized clear glass windows and wood elements here and there.

Wooden Gate From Street Facade Luxury Residence

Awesome Open Kitchen Design And Outdoor Patio Decoration

Beautiful Center Landscape Design With Wooden Deck Patio Decor

Center Courtyard Facade From Second Floor Wooden Room

Concrete Floor Exterior And Wood Wall Decor

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