Living Harmony with Nature in Singaporean Fish House

Stunning James Bond Glass Media Room In The Basement

Singaporean fish house is a considered a perfect building for those who are looking for a perfect luxury residence surrounded by the ocean. Basically, Singaporean fish house is a country house combined with traditional inhabitant house which is located very closely to the ocean. Furthermore, Singaporean fish house is a two-floor residence which also features strong ambiance of oceanic environment which is very impressive and unique. This fish house with seafront house design is very compatible for both holiday and home stay.

1st Floor of Singaporean Fish House

The first floor of Singaporean luxury fish house consists of several rooms featuring tropical landscape. This 5,800 square foot house is designed with oceanic swimming pool linking the house perfectly. The first floor of the house appears with natural ventilation and large windows which enable the owner to see the whole ocean nearby the house. Further, there is a lounge equipped with some cozy chairs available beside the pool which can be used to have some relaxation while watching the sunset. As a tropical luxury house in Singapore, this fish house is completed with Jacuzzi bathtub and walk-in shower covered by large glass window.

2nd Floor of Singaporean Fish House

On the second floor, this tropical luxury residence comes with impressive living room design with modern furniture. The living room is covered by clear glass window which enables the owner to enjoy the tropical landscape with deep-blue-ocean scenery on it. The designers, Guz Architects really concerns about how to design a fish house which represents a real tropical house with oceanic environment. Thus, Guz Architects employ curved green roof to show the strong character of oceanic building. Guz Architects created fish house to help people to enjoy the oceanic ambiance in a warm and luxurious place. Singapore is chosen since this country is surrounded by beautiful ocean scenery with humid tropical climate which is very comfortable. The design of the fish house is considered successfully representing a luxury residential design which enables people to live in harmony with nature.

Awesome Hallway With Pool And Sea Scenery

Beautiful Architecture Design Luxury Residence

Beautiful Shape Roof Green Modern House Design

Beautiful Swimming Pool Design With Coconut Tree In The Center

Fish House Luxury House In Singapore

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