Luxurious Long and Narrow House with Its Interested Designs

Architecture Sunny Side House The Long Narrow Land House Design

Characteristic of house that is categorized into long and narrow house has a good chance to be designed interestingly and luxuriously. House exterior design and house interior design of the house have special style and concept that is appropriated to be applied as long and narrow house design. A lighting system of this room must be noticed well, because it will consume much electricity bill if there are so many lamps applied in a house interior design. That is why a wooden design placed outside a large window can replace a role of electric lamp to maximize a use of sun light especially in the morning.

Wooden curtain placed outside a large window becomes a new innovation of house exterior design. It is very useful to manage a sun light in order to reach house interior design maximally. Besides, wooden material that can absorb heat of sun light will be able to keep house interior design still in a warm and fresh condition in the morning. It becomes one of innovation created as long and narrow house designs that can be used maximally.

Wall of a long and narrow design of a house uses a large window as a domination of a house design. House exterior design in front of a large window is designed by using a high wall decorated by using plant design. It can be functioned in order that a house interior still in a bright, fresh and cool condition.

A natural concept creating in the living room make people who are living in will feel more comfortable to stay in the living room. A long, straight and elegant design of wooden stair completed with lamp decoration will make a house to look beautiful and luxurious. It can be one of long narrow house plans that can be tried to be applied.

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