Luxurious Residence in California

Beautiful Recessed Lighting In Modern Home With Sliding Glass Wall And Ponds Surround

An example of perfect luxury house design can be seen directly in a luxurious residence employing futuristic theme in California. This house is very impressive. The design really spoils the eyes of the beholder. This two story luxury house can be a good reference or inspiration for you right away.

Futuristic and Minimalist Concept

The luxury house design in San Diego, which we are talking about, is very attractive. The house is designed well under futuristic and minimalist concept. You can see the strong concept involved in developing each side of the house. Outside the house, it can be captured a beautiful and uncommon scenery which shows L-shape ponds linking the house from the outside. The ponds are equipped with beautiful fountains which make the house more luxurious. Another great story about this house is the outstanding lounge design. A house with lounge is always perfect. Lounge can be a good place to have some good relaxation and perhaps good chatting with somebody else while enjoying beautiful sunset at the end of the day.

Natural Lighting Concept

Instead of employing futuristic and minimalist concept, this luxurious residence located in San Diego, California also employs natural lighting concept. Regarding this concept, the designer intentionally works on full glass wall design house. By applying full glass wall the whole part of the house, both first and second floor, will get amount natural light from sunlight during daylight. At night, through the full glass wall, the owner can directly see the whole perfect night view of California bay which is too adorable to miss. The luxury house located in California is a perfect futuristic house to live. A lot of facilities and gorgeous design are more than enough for an urban house in the middle of a metropolis city. Concrete wall combined with full glass wall is very attractive. Moreover, this house also employs open room design in which the owner can see another room effortlessly.

Exposed Concrete Walls And Dining Area Modern Dining Furniture

Aerial View Of The Cresta Luxury House Design In San Diego

Ample Seating Space In The Patio And Open Living Room Design

Lounge Perfect For A Cool Party Modern Patio Decor Ideas

Lovely Water Ponds Around The House And Cozy Neigbourhood

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