Luxury Residence in Perfect Home Interior Design

Lounge Sofa With Warm Standing Floor Lamp Decor

Welcome to the real luxury residence with perfect home decoration that you never imagine before. This luxury apartment design also called as Concerto apartment designed by KCD Design Studio. If you see the beautiful apartment, then you will realize how great the design is. This is not only an ordinary apartment because you can see the different side compare with other ordinary apartments that you ever been visited. Step inside and you will know how perfect the apartment is.

You can see a super luxurious living room with smooth wooden floors. You can see mirror-like walls in the living room that makes the room looks spacious than the real size. This apartment room dominates in natural smooth color. You cannot find the contrast color in this apartment because all you see is only a warm color that brings warm atmosphere to the room. Find out more the rooms in this luxury residence design that make you feel comfort to live in there.

You can see brown drapes around the apartment room. It makes the room feel warm with the brown drapes around. You can see many comfort sofas around the room. In the corner of the living room, you can see modern standing lamp design with modern armchair in beige color. There is a modern bar design near the kitchen room. Go to the dining room and you can find wooden dining table in luxury design. You can see single big light in modern design hanging on the ceiling of the dining room.

Let us see the main bedroom of this apartment. You can see a luxury and comfort bedroom design with wool carpet on the floors. You can see a comfort mattress with velvet deck. Right in front of the mattress, you can find a comfort sofa in grey color. This apartment shows you the real luxury residence concept blended in perfectness home design.

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