Marvelous Efficient Workstation in a Small Space

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For some people, it is a dream to work from home in an efficient workstation. The station need to be efficient because most of the time, house is a place to gather with family while office is a place away from house. But in fact, combining both places in a place is a choice for some persons. The important thing is that the workstation will not pull the entire works atmosphere in the house. Joining workstation with another room function will be perfect. It will obscure working nuance with homey situation.

The workstation corner can be placed on the ground floor or in the attic. On the ground floor, the workstation can integrate in the living room. A fireplace in the winter will beautify the space. You can also choose a simple corner and put classic elbow desk. Make sure it has many drawers to keep stationery. If the table is on the corner, a simple wheel chair will easily bring you move left and right. Or you can integrate your work space in the bedroom. It will be better in between your bed and the clothes cupboard. Make simple upper shelves for your valuable books. Stationery are also fine to put there as a part of efficient small workstation.

You can also create a beautiful and simple workspace on the attic. Use the ceiling along the rafter to give strong accent in your workspace. If you work with computer as your center activity, place it in the most convenience place. As mentioned before, desks with many drawers seem like important elements. It can keep many work stuffs. Another essential element in work station is lighting. If you are a right-handed, better to have light from your right. In the other way, if you are left-handed, the light must come from your left.

Aside from part of architectural element, workstation can be part of furniture. You can manage workstation in between cupboards. If you cavity wall, you can also put a horizontal board in 100 cm height as working tables. Above the table, with the same width, it is better to have racks for working stationery. This efficient small workstation design can be applied not only in a house but also in other building as well.

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