Meet with Villa Wiese in Berlin: Jaw Dropping Villa Architecture

Villa Wiese In Berlin Contemporary Villa Design With White Exterior

Staying in a villa during your holiday can become the alternative for accommodation you can get. However, what if you stay in a villa which has stunning architectural design? Don’t you think everything will be so great? Well, that’s exactly what you will get if you choose to stay in villa architecture, villa Wiese in Berlin. At the first glance, you can notice that the design is different from the other villa because you can find awesome villa exterior design that will make your eyes open wide.

The Jaw Dropping Villa Architecture Design

Acrylic stone for the exterior wall is something that will catch your attention for the beginning. This kind of modern villa architecture design really has awesome exterior walls construction. The combination of the wall, the plenty amounts of windows, and also the yard will definitely make your stay become so memorable. And above all, you should also notice that this villa was built using ecologically sustainable building materials. What can be even more awesome than that?

The Interior Is as Stunning as the Exterior

But, the exterior is not the only stunning part of this villa architectural design. When you carry on to enter the villa the surprises are still carried on. The interior still has modern look but it is combined with some natural theme as you can see how the flooring is made of wooden floor. Volker Wiese as the architect has done a great job for this matter. It seems that he has thought of everything starting from the simple matter like how he used contemporary building material to the complex matter. You can also find some fire wood attached to the wall which actually improves the artistic and natural condition of the villa. And thanks to the wide glasses provided there, the rooms feel so wide and you can see the outside condition from the inside. Thus, you can enjoy the pond in the yard and when you light the lamps in the night, the villa will be so fantastic from the outside.

Awesome Outdoor View With Small Garden And Ponds

Beautiful Luxury Villa In Berlin With Awesome Exterior

Beautiful Ponds For Landscape Design

Brown Fireplace With Wood Stack Brown Tile Floor

Colorful Carpet With Yellow Sofa Modern Living Room Design

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