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The Wooden Stair And Wooden Sink Wash Details

As in Japan, building a small house is easy as long as you follow the rules. What I mean by rules is the government law about building a house. The government says that a house must be separated to another. The law says that a house must be 500mm behind the outer wall and must give 40 inches space between another house. The bigger house you have, the wider the space. Due to that rule, it is impossible to have a wide, huge, urban house in Japan. That is why, it is very practical to have a small house. You will get more benefit when you build a small one, I mean you can save more money in building, decorating, and maintaining.

The design

Having a small house is practical. Yet, it is a bit tricky to decorate it. To anticipate the complex sphere in your house, you need to find the perfect small house design. By having the right one, you won’t feel like you’re trapped in a bird cage filled with properties and stairs. All you need to do is putting creative furniture like hanging lamps and a door leaf as wall decoration. Building simple rooms like minimalist kitchen, furniture-free bedroom, and small living room design, will sure help a lot in making your undersize house nice.

Thematic small house design

If you want to try something new, you can give your house a thematic design. For the beginning, you can choose the simple one like Japan small house design. For you who have never designed and decorated your house before, this design is recommended due to its simplicity. It is a house that has unique, high shape. So you don’t have to worry about the space in your house. It has small 4 story house design. Each story is connected by unique stair that you’ve never seen before. The stairs are divided into two different colors. The upper stairs are made of white planks, while the rest is left without any paint. Since the entire house is painted with white with a little hint of raw wood here and there, putting raw, wooden properties into it will fit the house best.

White Steel Stair Design

Wooden Banister And White Wall Design

Wooden Cabinet Wooden Floor And Grey Tile Floor Design

Wooden Deck Floor With Skyhigh Roof For Natural Light Exposure

Wooden Dining Furniture Minimalist Dining Space Design

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