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Jaket Hanger And Shoe Rack Corner Design

Have you ever considering other themes than modern design? Then you are not the only one who thinks that there are still various design themes available outside. For some people when they try implementing one design, whatever it is, they often do it exaggeratedly or just too much, the same goes for this modern theme as well. People will place many shining metallic items as they strive for giving best application of the chosen theme.

Keep in mind that one design cannot be applied without further considerations to details. Thus, modern design theme can be done by placing several decorative pieces such as glass materials for creating dressers, furniture and other items. For example, décor your open floor space used for living room, dining area and kitchen by contrasting colors of red, gray, and white. Choose neutral color set in black for meaningful extra touch.

Mark your dining area and divide it from living room by adding dresser. This item has several drawers and is built connected to black counter table of your kitchen. Bring white seating in bar style facing your counter in both sides. Create cabinets and cover them with transparent glass doors so you can look inside better for choosing what spices to choose. Paint red for you oven area and stoves as well. These red things will be focal point of this area.

For living room itself, place white large sofas with several pillow cushions in the same color. Furthermore, applying modern design theme in this area can be achieved by rolling out furry rug under glass table, which is placed in the middle of this place. Facing your living room, of course is entertainment area where you can put television, music player, and game consoles for game lovers. What to consider the most is to put everything you place at rooms in good order and balance.

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