Mild Barcelona Furniture in Neutral Colour

Elegant Bedroom With Barcelona Daybed Near Fireplace

Besides Paris, Barcelona is an example of romantic and exotic city that delivering chic attitude then Barcelona furniture cannot be resist for gaining modern ambience at residence. Avoiding cold atmosphere combined this stuff with friendly or natural furniture accent for example applying white painted wall from the bay window to roof ceiling.

Look at some photos that picturing how contemporary ones blend with natural atmosphere in Barcelona style. In living room with contemporary Barcelona furniture, floating white tufted leather lounge with metal supported is best matched with white lofted ceiling area where bay window is completed by purple velvet cushion put below the bay window. Moreover, open space concept is the best paired for Barcelona furniture where there is no need for room separator. At loft space, large built-in bookshelf installed at the room corner facing wooden high bench dining table with red traditional table cloth and white leather dining chair made from wooden material.

Next is Barcelona lounge completed with orange traditional pillow that located beside living room space designed with monochrome Zebra stripes carpet with broken white leather sofa facing laminating beech wooden short table while modern fireplace installed in front of Barcelona lounge is best place to lay down your back besides master bed then green indoor plant posit in front of sliding glass door is improving natural view.

Green lime blanket matched with white floor lamp, sprinkle metal staircase, white tufted leather sofa, and triangle wooden coffee table is perfect for matching with white Barcelona stuff while blue rolled pillow lounge paired with neon yellow satin cushion on white leather sofa must be brave step since it combining two bold palette. Moreover, brown slim Barcelona chair that can be flip in and out close to bar area completed with adding stuff such as rustic bar stool, metal pendant lamp, and white granite kitchen island becomes contemporary Barcelona furniture ideas to make warmth space.

Modern Apartment With Barcelona Daybed And City View

Modern Beach Retreat House With Black Barcelona Daybed

Stylish Barcelona Daybed In French Living Room Decor

White Barcelona Daybed In Modern Interiors Modern Furniture Design

Contemporary Barcelona Daybed In Living Room Decor

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