Minimalist Apartment with Elegance Interior Concept

Compact White Bathroom With White Bathtub And Sink Also Towel Storage

In Moscow, you will see a minimalist apartment combines with minimalist home decoration that brings elegance side throughout the apartment. The design of this apartment is simple but elegance. Please step inside and see the beautiful side of this apartment blended perfectly in modern style. You also can see modern home furniture with extraordinary design. Now, let us see the home interior design of this minimalist apartment designed by Peter Zaytsev.

A minimalist apartment design is always match combine with minimalist modern furniture. Step inside the apartment and you will see minimalist home interior design combines with extraordinary home furniture. The first room that you can see is a dining room that also has a function as a family room. You can see long wooden table with marble countertops. You cannot find an ordinary wooden dining table, but you can see an extraordinary wooden table design. Right behind the dining table, you can see modern kitchen set in white color.

Beside the dining table, you can see a television with two modern chairs design. There is a sliding room divider to separate the dining room to the bedroom area. You should slide the door to enter the bedroom. The main bedroom looks so simple in white color domination. You can see a single bed in the middle of the room. There are two side tables in modern design on the left and the right side of the bed. If you want to make the bedroom looks spacious, then you can slide the room divider. However, if you want to make it private, then you can close the room divider.

Let us see the bathroom design. You can find a modern bathroom design. On the left side you can see a modern sink design with wooden table below the sink. This apartment such a good minimalist apartment design idea for you to see.

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Minimalist Apartment Bathroom In White Accent

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