Minimalist Wooden Details as Your Home Inspiration

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Who does not like wooden details in the house? Wooden material can bring the natural nuance. Besides, wooden material can give calm and ‘cold’ nuance to the room. You may feel the same about the existence of wooden material within you house. When you plan to build a new house, you may consider this in your home.

Look at the picture of this house! You can adapt this house design if you like to have some details of wooden material in your house. The exterior of this house is so rustic but also modern. The rustic look appears with the existence of brick walls as the exterior of this house. While the modern look appears since the shape of this house is so Simple Square without any roof as any other modern house have. Both the front side and the back side of this house, there is fertile greenery that makes the house fresh. From this exterior, you can also see that this house have wooden window details.

When you see closer, you will see some large glass windows with the details of wooden material as the frame. There is also a part of this house that the wall is made from wooden material. This house uses open floor design. The kitchen is united with the dining room. The room is so large. The kitchen design with simple and minimalist style can be seen from the design of the kitchen set and the dining table set. In the certain room, you will also see a stair that is made of wooden materials and there is a room beside the stair that the walls made of the wooden materials.

There are many details of wooden materials in this house. The existence of wooden materials in the house can give calm and ‘cold’ nuance to the room. You can also apply it by starting to have wooden door details in your home!

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