Modern Home Design: The Renovation of the Casa RO

Beautiful Dark Granite Floor In Open Living Room That Use Rattan Chairs And Modern Grey Couch Also Sliding Glass Doors

A great modern home design can come from anywhere and in this case, this outstanding modern home design comes from a great renovation project that executed by Elías Rizo Arquitectos. There are many other superb modern home designs that you can find out there, but the one with this kind of history is very rare. This lovely modern home design is called the Casa RO and this clean line modern home design is originally created in the 60s. After few changes and addition, now this great modern home design has become one of the best modern home designs that you can find out there.

There are many great things that you can see in this wonderful modern home design and one of them is, of course, the architectural design. Just like any other beautiful modern home design, the architectural design of this amazing modern home design is very simple. It is a two floors rectangular building with a lot of windows in it. The main concept of this incredible modern home design is an open space concept and the renovation is the one that make that concept become a reality. This awesome modern home design is also equipped with a nice swimming pool design in the back area, where you can enjoy the tea while enjoying the weather.

Since this perfect modern home design is an open space modern home design, the beauty of the interior design is very important here and that is the reason why this adorable modern home design is equipped by lovely modern style interior design set.

With all of those excellences, this gorgeous modern home design is indeed able to be categorized as one of the best modern home designs that you can find out there right now. Wonderful modern home design like this one is something that can become an example for any renovation project.

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