Modern House in New Zealand; an Artwork of Modern Architecture

Modern House With Vertiacl Architecture Approach Minimalist 2 Story House Design

The Blackpool House, covers of 81 square meters land created in vertical orientation with clear and nice modern architecture concept. The design is carried out by Glamuzina Paterson Architects, and the project is located in New Zealand, surrounded by lush environment. It’s simplified from with less decoration are peculiar trait of modern architecture concept. Geometrical rectangular form of exterior gives you simplicity of form which gives you better comprehension of interior inside.

Exterior of this very building resembles container by its metal cladding. Its rectangular shape with openings sure stands out from surrounding natural element, a contrast of both shape and material. While the building itself is contrast, the planning and design, adapt existing terrain perfectly, the stairs toward building’s entrance designed not to stand out and integrate plants, as unity. The patio itself goes with same format, where you can enjoy your surrounding visually and directly. As the exterior designed in such way, its contrast appearance from surrounding is a focal point, and the designer did not accentuate its exterior performance, rather than having patio and outdoor stairs integrate surrounding existing, and leaving the form stands out, with relatively no decoration. These two aspects of simplified from and less decoration are modern architecture characteristics; hence we often hear term of minimalism.

Interior performance of this building will provide you with homey and cozy feeling of living space, where you can enjoy nature with this manmade creation. Parquets floor and wood ceiling, integrates modern furniture in harmony, and complement surrounding views perfectly. Large opening catch natural light and provide indoor and outdoor visual continuity. Modern architecture concept turn interior into rich geometrical and modular form and still goes along with function and aesthetics purpose.

There are many modern architecture homes, which share same characteristic, with different function and need, but still serve same purpose, both of space function and aesthetics aspect.

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