Modern Minimalist Interior with the Combination of Rustic Look

Stylish Minimalist Living Room Design White Wall Wooden Ceiling Glass Door Decor

Some people like to have an eclectic interior, but some people like the house with minimalist interior. With minimalist interior you can rest your eyes and brain. Besides, when you have a house with minimalist design, you will not get busy thinking about the decoration and the furniture that fits with the theme of your room. If you type of person that likes the minimalist design, you should see this house.

Look at this minimalist interior design house! This house is built in the middle of nature. There are some trees surrounding this house so that the house looks very fresh. The exterior of this house is so simple. The solid black color is used as the exterior of this house. The rooftop of this house also uses the same color. There are some asymmetrical windows of this house with large glasses that allow the light enter the room naturally.

When we talk about minimalist home, it does not merely mean the house with minimalist decoration. Look at the picture! This house is also minimalist in the furniture. There are also just some soft colors in this house interior. As we know, minimalist design house usually apply three colors. They are black, white, and wooden color. It also happens to this house. The design of the interior in this house is the combination of minimalist and rustic style. Look at the living room of this house. The living room is very bright. The furniture used in this room is very minimalist designed. The dark wooden colors of the sofas’ legs make the rustic nuance to the room. The fireplace also makes the rustic nuance. The wooden ceiling is enough to add the rustic look of this house.

When you work busily in the office, you should have a peace and relaxing house. The minimalist home can become a great idea for you to take a rest. Just adapt the minimalist interior design style of this house for your home!

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