Modern Residence Design: Thorncrest House

Sink Living Room View With Black Sofa And Large White Pendant Lamps

There are many modern residence designs that you can find out there and one of them is this Thorncrest House. This stunning modern residence design is located in one of the best area of Ontario, Canada. This lovely modern residence design is the perfect representation of how a wonderful modern residence design should be in the context of architectural design and its connection with the surrounding. That is why if you want to find such a nice example for your modern residence design creation, this great modern residence design is probably the one that you need to see.

There are many things of this amazing modern residence design that can be taken as a lesson or an example for our own home creation. Take for example the architectural design. The shape of the home can be considered as a usual modern home shape, but the height of this structure is the one that you should look at. This awesome modern residence design looks like a two storey home design, but it is not, it is a one storey home. This nice modern residence design has the height of two storey building that gives a high ceiling feature in the space setting. This is one of the ways that you can take to naturally control the temperature of your space, high ceiling feature.

The inner part of this perfect modern residence design is decorated by using modern minimalist space decoration. The inner part of this adorable modern residence design is dominated by two main material, wood and concrete. This combination of these warm and cold materials is actually the one that makes this space so comfy.

That was little discussion about gorgeous modern residence design in Ontario, Canada. Amazing modern residence design, especially this one, is indeed something that can become a basic model of any other modern residence creation.

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