Modern Social Living Area in Paris Built Beautifully in Modern Styles

The Garden Balcony Decor

Have you ever thought about the old building that turns into a beautiful modern social living? In Paris, you can find an old building that beautifully changed into a modern apartment. The building is coming from the 19th century and it is doing not meet the security and safety building standards in Paris. That is why this building turned into a modern living concept, just like an apartment building. Let us see what inside the building is.

An H2O architect is the main agency that is responsible for this building. From the outside, you can see a modern apartment building with less of details. You can see an asymmetric window design with metal frame. This apartment shows you the view around through floors-to-ceiling glass window in large. When you see the building for the first time, then you will realize this building is a modern social living idea that makes you want to stay in there.

You can find many balconies in each floor. You can see the view around you through the balcony. Let us step inside and see the interior design of this apartment. Step inside and you will see a spacious living area dominates in white color. You can find large glass window in metal frame around the room. White is the main color for the interior design of this apartment. However, if you see this apartment from afar, then you can see beige color domination for the exterior side of the building.

You also can find a green area in each floor. The architect knows how to keep this apartment becomes natural and green. If you are at the top of the building and look down, then you can see a unique pattern of free space area in the ground floor area. The architects seriously build the apartment with a modern social living concept that you never seen before in Paris.

The New Apartment Exterior Elegant Apartment In Paris

The New Contemporary Reinvention Of The Bow Window Modern Apartment Architecture

The New Space Extension White Wal And Wooden Floor

The Outdoor Garden

The Outdoor Sapce Of The Apartment With White Concrete Fence And Green Trees

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