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When you live in a town, you may have stacked house as the design of your house. When you tend to live in a big town, you may have a small area to build your house. You also can just find a town house that join to other house. So with the small space of the house, what will you do?

Look at the picture of the stacked house plans! This kind of house can be a great idea for your home design. With small space that you have, you should have your house consists of some levels so that you can have more spaces. When you see the exterior of this house, you will see a unique exterior design of this house. The exterior of this house is also modern style. There is a combination of wooden, grey and black color. It gives the modern and minimalist nuance to the exterior of this house. When you have a house like this, you should have greenery in the front of your house as you can see in the picture. The greenery in the front of your house of course will beautify the exterior of your house and make your house fresh.

When you see through the inside of this house, you will see an attractive small patio inside this house. A swing in this patio may give you so entertaining activities. The living room of this house is so bright since there are large glass windows and glass door in the both side of the wall. The furniture is so minimalist. The TV cabinet is also minimalist but unique. When you see the kitchen of this house, you will see an attractive wall with red solid color. As you know, this color may stimulate your appetite. You can apply it to your kitchen if you want.

Overall, the design of the interior and exterior of this house is so minimalist and modern. The rooms are very bright even the spaces of this house are small. It can be a great example for your house idea. Try to have modern stack house architecture like this!

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