Net Zero Energy House: An Eco Friendly Creation of Klopf Architecture

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Located in the area of Cupertino, California, NetZero Energy House is an eco-friendly house design that is already finished by Klopf Architecture. Although it can be said that there are quite a lot of inspiration that lays in this it can be said that the most prominent one is spacy home décor. As an excellent example of spacy home design, this house is decorated with bright colors everywhere, especially in its decorations and accessories. It cannot be denied that this kind of color is the one that will make the house to look even more spacious in the interior.

Before it becomes an energy efficient house, this is actually a house with a story only. The de-construction decision is taken because the owners need more space in the house, in accordance to their lifestyle as people who work from home, without having to eliminate the backyard that they already own. That is why this Net Zero Energy Modern House by Klopf Architecture is finally made into two-story house with bright color decoration. This design is actually something that adds more privacy to the owners.

The interesting thing that is found in the design of this green house design is that instead of adding a story to the already existed story of the house, the designer chooses to deconstruct the house and make the first level to be submerged so that it simply looks like a basement. From outside, this zero energy house in California does not really look like a two-story house. This is may be the reason why it is mentioned that the house also give comfort to the neighbors of the owners. Other best thing that is available in this house is that it has an excellent ability to decrease the use of energy because of the use of large size windows here and there.

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