Perfect Hideaway Bed to Save the Space

Brilliant Living Room Hideaway Bed Guest Room Design Ideas

You will be surprise knowing that hideaway bed can have the stylish look. The following bedding ideas prove that they are not as cluttered as you think. The previous image of this type of bed is always having the rusty frames and the look that is not stylish at all. Besides of its practical function, this bed can also be the great alternative to save your minimalist room. The designs and sizes are various. They are also made from different materials, too. Placed in your bedroom, living room, or even your home office, this bed will be the most compatible one.

Modern hideaway bed
is needed in the minimalist interior. The large bed that can be hidden has a stylish look. It is perfect to be placed in your wooden storage. The soft color linen such as light brown or white will make this bed look more elegant. Do you want to place your bed in your living room? Why not? The hidden bedroom is available for your living room. Covered with the linen that has the similar color with your living room furniture, you would not be able to differentiate between the living room and the bedroom.

The modern room with the large closet with the bright color can be used to hide this type of bed. If you have the minimalist room, you still can have the large bedroom that is hidden in the closet. Just pull it down if you want to go to bed, and then your living room will be changed into the spacious bedroom.

The contemporary minimalist space can have this type of bed with the queen size. The minimalist storage with the modern design and use white as the theme color is perfect for this sleek modern bed to hide. Hideaway bed for minimalist interior is practical yet stylish furniture to save the space.

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