Playful Apartment Blended in Modern Wooden Styles

Light Brown Curtains In Modern Bedroom Concept

Welcome in Tel Aviv where you can see a playful apartment that has creative interior decoration. You can see how innovative and creative the interior design is by seeing closer to this apartment. Maybe you never think before that Tel Aviv has a playful apartment in modern style like this. Located in the middle of modern lifestyle in Tel Aviv, this apartment has everything to make you comfort to live there. Now, let us see closer the interior design of this apartment.

Let us see the living room design of this playful apartment design. If you step inside, then you can see the whole room looks different with wooden material. You are not only seeing a wooden floors, but also wooden walls around the apartment. You cannot find the door between one and another room, because you only can find a partition or room divider. This apartment shows you something behind your expectation.

At the living room, you can see soft purple sofa with colorful pillow on the sofa. Right in front the sofa, you can see wooden table in unique design. On the right side of the living room, you can see glass modern fireplace design. Let us see the dining room where you can find wooden dining table in unique design. On the threshold of the room, you can find a kitchen sink in wooden design. You also can see a wooden kitchen set in modern style.

The bedroom looks modern with giant screen television right in front of the bed. You can see a large mattress size with velvet deck. Let see a modern bathroom design that looks like a marble cube. You should slide the marble door to step inside the bathroom. The bathroom design is unique and different with marble material domination combine with wooden walls. This apartment gives you a truly playful apartment design idea that you never imagine before.

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