Pleasant Colorful Hotel for Homey Feeling

Beautiful Interior With Artistic Red Lighting Decor Cool Hotel Lobby Design

It is always nice to stay in a hotel that offers an almost home feeling. For example is 25 Hours Hotel. This colorful hotel in Switzerland offers every color in every room. With proper lighting and interiors, this hotel will make you fall in love instantly for the homey feeling flowing in the air.

This beautiful colorful hotel offers bright tones in its social room, with the use of lovely curtains that will allow the light to come in. the room itself is filled with chairs, tables, and rug, just like any other room in other hotel. But, the focal point is the excessive use of colors, including the colorful rug that uses ten… no, maybe dozens of colors! In the bar, there are hints of pastel colors on the chairs, making it looks like family bar. The textured walls and bar tables create lovely shadow with the use of uniquely shaped lighting that glows in vivid red. If you want to see the view Zurich, you can enjoy it in the lounge.

The bedroom combines various bright colors with more neutral one such as wooden, white, and black that will fit perfectly with any colors. To make the room homey enough, there are also drawings on the wall in colors that will create more fun area, especially for the children. The bedroom is also equipped with modern furniture such as for the working space, unique and modern designed table lamp, and shelf, which are coming in various colors as well.

If we look closer, there are also lovely small details as for this beautiful colorful hotel concept, such as the lovely colorful details on the carpet, collection of lovely pins that are placed nearly hidden, and the contemporary wall decoration that cherish the room. Furthermore, to emphasize the homey feeling, the pillows have ‘almost home’ words written on it.

Bedroom Blue Wall Accent And Small Work Space Modest Hotel Design

Almost Home The Room Furnish With Safety Deposit Box

Awesome Sink Arrangement Contemporary Bathroom Design

Bar Details With L Shape Countertops Lounge Space Design 25 Hours Hotel In Zurich

Cool Bedroom Design With Colorful Curtain And Green Carpet

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