Refreshing Exclusive Hotel with Personal Touch

Aris Caves Exterior With Traditional Stone Stair

The name of ‘cave’ in Aria Cave Hotel comes from the perfect transformation of old housings and lodgings into six independent cave-like studios. Located in Oia, Santorini, this exclusive hotel becomes a place you have to visit for its beauty: an extended view of Aegean Sea in a hotel that takes hundreds stairs to go up and down. Yes, that is such an effort to do. But once you reach the place, there will be no regret for you. Instead, you will be enchanted by the overall look of this hotel.

This wonderful exclusive hotel is built in ascended and descended roof, thus preventing the noise that will be really helpful for you to relax. The exteriors are the combination of white and beige, plus the green plants and colorful colors. Do not forget about the sea that is exposed clearly, enriching the splash of colors of the exteriors. To enjoy the view fully, you can sit down and relax on the lounge chairs that are available in every cave. The chairs are also perfect for you to read your favorite book of enjoy the coffee. The arranging of various colorful flowers will refresh your eyes, adding the more ancient look for this place. The stairs emphasize the old look of this hotel, made from stones and cement.

Stepping inside the bedrooms, the cave-like shape will make you feel like you’re embraced. The bedrooms, yet, are really beautiful. The choice of white walls, ceiling, and floors combined with rustic wooden furniture offer you the old view that is heartwarming. There is also a small kitchen space available in some rooms. Overall, the interiors are offering a home-like nuance that will comfort all of us. The bathroom is painted nearly all in white but the floors that are done in light gray. Some furniture is trimmed in silver accent, offering a little modern touch for this all-traditional building.

Best part of the wonderful exclusive hotel design is small details that will surprise you: cats (especially if you love cats), placement of pebbles (you can have your message written on them), and lovely small rug in your bedroom, But the most of all is the personal touch offered by the host that emphasize the personality of Santorini itself.

Aris Caves Hotel With Traditional Building Cave Rooms And Rustic White Exterior Design

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Aris Caves Corner With Small Plants Decor

Aris Caves Exterior Decor Natural Cave Resort In Oia Santorini

Aris Caves Resort Traditional Cave Building Unique Cave Hotel In Oia Santorini

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