Restored Astley Castle as the Ultimate Winner of 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize

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The winner of 2013 RIBA Stirling Prize has been announced and it is no other else but the restored Astley Castle. This castle renovation is something that makes the unused castle change into a very different modern holiday home design. The castle that is now known as the unique holiday home from Witherford Watson Mann Architects wins the prestigious prize because of the restoration that is done without making it loses the castle look that it owns since the time it was established.

The restoration of this castle can actually be included in the category of historical castle renovation because the castle is a part of history. The castle is a building that was established sometime in the 12th century and after it is not used as a castle anymore, the function of it is changed into a hotel. The time is known to be around WWII. In the year of 1978, the castle was caught on fire and from that time on, it is no longer used. Recently, historical castle remodeling is performed by the architects and it brings the castle into its new function, which is as a holiday home.

In the unique castle renovation, decoration can be said as the most interesting thing that should be checked out. In general, it can be said that the decoration has balanced traditional and modern touch. Mostly, Astley Castle decoration is brown in color. This color can match the original color of the castle walls quite the most. Both finally create perfect natural shades in the whole parts of the castle. In overall, this newly restored castle is a proof that is given by Witherford Architects that ruins should not be just left. Instead, it can be made into a more functional living space with a price that is quite high as the castle is now.

Astley Castle In Warwickshire Rustic Castle Exterior

Bathroom At The Castle Holiday Home With Original Interior And Modern Bathroom Furnishing

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Beautiful Astley Castle Renovation

Bedrooms That Preserve The Original Castle Charm Classic Bedroom Design

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