Rich Tones Decorated Apartment by López Duplan Arquitectos

Departamento Polanco Red Corridor Enterence Of Modern Apartment

A gorgeous apartment located in Polanco, México City can be a good inspiration for everyone who expects to have a great house with rich and passionate red interior concept. This unique house is actually designed by López Duplan Arquitectos. Departamento Polanco is the name given to this vibrant apartment located in México.

The Uniqueness of Departamento Polanco

As a matter of fact, DepartamentoPolanco of LópezDuplanArquitectos is an apartment which is designed totally by López Duplan. The most focus of the design is the interior. The interior is changed for elegance and luxury. Red color accent is picked as the dominating decoration for the interior. Red is a representation of luxury, elegance, and passion. However, to make the interior color scheme balanced, the architect also employs some other solid colors, such as white, brown for the flooring, and black. López Duplan also emphasizes the design of the interior which borrows the concept of luxurious art gallery in México. Almost the whole interior is redesigned by following the concept of luxurious art gallery including the vibrant living room, bedroom, and kitchen.

The Interior Design

Each room in Departamento Polanco is designed in rich tone decoration combined with selected modern furniture with strong accent of Latino architecture. The modern living room is designed very dramatically by involving some artistic furniture with vibrant colors. The kitchen is also designed for elegance. López Duplan employs elegant wooden kitchen furniture to give vivid accent to the kitchen itself. On the other hand, Departamento Palanco also employs unique oval partition design to give sensational highlights to the interior which is decorated so richly with artistic paintings, wall decorations, and also luxury cabinets. Departamento Polanco is an example of a modern and stylish apartment design in Mexico City which is very compatible for those who are looking for a great place to live. The artistic red in interior design is very special. It does not only show elegant figure of a modern apartment but also a balanced design of a luxury home living.

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