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Folly Farm is a contemporary suburb house which is located in Boulder, Colorado, USA. This house is basically combines the striking elegant concept of a rural house with rustic elements of a farm house. The combination results perfect mid-size house for living surrounded by green landscape environment.

Folly Farm’s Exterior Design

Folly Farm is an example of beautiful suburb house with perfect exterior design you should not miss. The exterior of this rural house is very impressive. Instead of large green area which is full of trees and greenish grass, Folly farm also features private outdoor pool beside the main house. Facing the mid-size swimming pool, there is an open air lounge completed with lounge relaxing chair sets. The owner can get perfect holiday everyday there. Rustic elegant mixture also becomes the main essence of the exterior design. Surround Architecture successfully mix hardwood exterior with smooth concrete. It is very adorable to the eyes.

Folly Farm’s Interior Design

Stepping inside the house, we can see perfect monochromatic concrete wall combined with large windows around the hall. Minimalist design is very strong applied inside the house. Red living room sofa becomes a perfect highlight for the interior which is dominated with black and white colors. Moving farther we can find the other rooms which are designed very nicely. Large windows installed in each room bring natural light to the room like a typical high up ceiling house in a suburb area. Not stopping that way, Surround Architecture also installs hardwood flooring which is very warm and vibrant. Unique design of Folly Farm must be one of various suburb house design ideas which are very inspiring for you. The balanced mixture of two elements and the combination of modern-minimalist rural house design with traditional farm house idea make Folly Farm becomes one of the most beautiful houses in suburb area to live. This house is very relaxing both for mind and eyes.

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Minimalist Lounge Space In The Rear Main House

Folly Farm Facade Beautiful Suburb House Design With Green Landscape

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