Shifted House Design in Moscow

Interesting Architecture Upside Down House This Unique House Design Located In Russia

This shifted house design is probably one of the most unique housing structures that you can find right now. This unique house design is the part of exhibition event took place in VVTs the All-Russia Exhibition Center in Moscow. The design of this awkward home design, My Modern Met, stated that this amazing shifted house design is the result of long study of same objects that have been created around the world. After the long study of any other great shifted house design, this incredible shifted house design is created as the part of the exhibition that took place in one of the most famous space in Moscow.

Well, this unique shifted house design is basically classic Russian house with two edges and a chimney. However, when it builds upside down everything seems very unique. People often us this wonderful shifted house design as the photo space. They often act like they are the one that upside down and not the building. They often do one finger push-up in this outstanding shifted house design. Of course this house is not a real house and it is more like a museum or an exhibition center, but it is indeed fun to see this kind of structure. People should create more houses like this just for fun.

The inner part of this amusing shifted house design is also upside down. Take for example the toilet. When it sets upside down, does the water flow away from the toilet, well gladly, this adorable shifted house design does not equipped with any water system and the entire set is just a fake.

That was few things about gorgeous shifted house design that you can find in the middle of Moscow. Unique shifted house design like this one is indeed something that can become a great place for having fun.

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