Smart Apartment Design in 26 Square Meters Room

The Living Space Details Smart Small Apartment Decor Small Apartment For Young And Single Person

Many people out there who do not satisfy with their 26 square meters apartment, but you should see a smart apartment design that can makes your 26 square meters apartment becomes comfort. Maybe you have a small apartment space and you do not know what to do to make your apartment looks spacious and comfort. You can follow the design idea of 26 square meters apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. Here are the ideas that may fit with your taste and needs.

Located in Gothenburg, Sweden, this small apartment shows you the real smart apartment idea. You can open the entrance door and see how tidy and comfort the apartment room is. You can see single bed that looks so comfort in the left side. In another side, you can see comfort sofa in white color. You also can see wool carpet on the tile floors. Right beside the bed, you can see modern side table in cylinder shape and a reading lamp above the table. You can see glass modern table in the middle of the room that looks so stylish.

Right beside the sofa, you can see a wooden writing desk in white color combines with two classic black chairs. You can see the kitchen set in white color near the entrance door. You can find a storage cabinet in the corner of the room. Right beside the storage cabinet, you can see a full body mirror in black frame. You can find a small balcony with wooden chair in the corner of the balcony area.

You can find the bathroom on the right side of the entrance door. The bathroom has a small space in minimalist bathroom design. This small apartment shows you a comfort and smart apartment concept for single or couple who want to have a comfort zone in small area.

The Morning View With The Sun Exposure Small Apartment Arrangement

The Plans Small Apartment Design

The Sink And Bathroom Cabinet

 The Small White Kitchen Details With Countertops And Coffee Maker

Window Bookcase Glass Window Small Apartment Decor

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