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Compact Home Office Space With Glass Wall And Wall Shelves

Chic and stylish home office is always related to use of many decor and furnishings. But nowadays, the trend for doing ‘less is better’ is increasing. It shows amazing atmosphere in the working space at home, but at the same time minimalist decorative items is applied. Take a look at this stylish home office which uses sleek wooden surfaces and minimalist color combination. The brown color of woods is combined together with white for drawers and chair, and also with grey paint for walls.

Minimalist home office design can be obtained by placing multitasking desk for PC computer and other important items and decor as well. This unique desk is paired with black computer chair which is good and no harm for people’s backs. There is another minimalist design also, which only use large and huge built-in desk and above-desk shelves. Those furnishings are made from wooden textures and given touch of unique ornaments. Add this Herman Miller chair which is a trendy chair for working.

Elegant design can be implemented into working space also. Check out this room which has table set next to large size window framed with white woods. On top of furnished wooden desk placed small potted plant and glamorous desk lamps with crystal light. For home office with white color theme, better give some accent colors by rolling out zebra skin printed rug under black desk. Create ravish look of this and add glass vase filled with indoor plant and shiny black stones.

In order to get personal space vibe, better to set this working space at the corner of a room and build walls as divider using glass materials. It repents noise from outside yet looks classy. Set the interior of this trendy home office design in white color for desk, chair, cabinets, and bookshelf.

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