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Beautiful Lobby Design With Built In Aquarium Decor

Working the whole day at office sometimes can be boring. Thus, people need to relax a while in order to avoid stress that may come. One of various methods is to build fish tanks, for which it has soothing sensation and certainly simple to install. Especially aquarium usually has this bubbling sound of oxygen mixing into water, which is not noisy to anyone. Moreover, this item shows natural environment underwater with its colorful living things scurry around the tank.

Fish tanks at office need to be placed in strategic place, for instance at lobby, or as wall divider, and many other possibilities. For home office, choose simple aquarium placed in custom-designed bookshelf. This way, the undersea life can be seen among wooden shelves and book collections. The tank blends itself seamlessly with furniture surrounding it. Or, if people think that wood does not look that good, then they can install fish tanks into metallic textures for the aquarium’s frame. Then it becomes a shiny interior.

There is no relaxing effect than the sight of aquatic plant waving slowly underwater inside fish tanks. Furthermore, it can be embedded into wall as part of modern design and complete theme of meeting room at the office. If the meeting is not going well, perhaps workers can relax a bit and see the majestic view of crystal clear water and fishes swimming around. Not only at small size meeting room, but conference room also suitable for this, especially when used as backdrop decor.

Calming effect is able to feel the most when at night the lighting arrangement is working. Choose soft blue pendant or LED light above the fish aquarium so it gives light both for the room itself and also tanks. Amazing fish tanks at office can be created as part of wall dividing rooms, instead of just plain wall with few decor or not at all.

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