Splendid Kitchen Galley in Proper Shade

Beautiful Hall Of Galley Style Kitchen With Wood Cabinetry

It might be hard to décor small space area but kitchen galley can be smart solution to maximizing cooking space. This galley design looks like hallway area where people can access outdoor are such as mini garden or even patio. Kitchen galley design should be matched with deck or terrace area both in open space and close terrace.

Here are some photos examples of good looking kitchen galley. Slim rectangular kitchen galley architecture at the first point designed with beech wooden kitchen cabinet and silver metal handle, white marble kitchen counter top, beech wooden ceiling design in laminating effect, and a couple of white back door paired with white window shade. Another idea coming up with grey painted wall, white marble backsplash, metal hook facing black granite kitchen counter top, and large white built-in kitchen storage. Black natural stone flooring matched with bright wooden furniture is great to supported high-end kitchen appliances such as metal refrigerator. Wooden bench table installed together with Kitchen Island can maximize compact area.

For green lovers, green leaf kitchen sink facing green marble kitchen counter top for stove area must be nice to combine with natural floral carpet accent leading to garden area. Sliding glass door is the most perfect item for making sure that people can access beautiful scenery outside. Traditional dish collection can be displayed on open overhead kitchen storage while combination of glossy effect and bright shading such as grey and white colour should be proper for providing clean view.

Floating bench installed on bay window location supported by rainbow cushion should be nice place for kids waiting their mommy’s food. In apartment space, monochrome galley kitchen palette might be the safest option where blackboard menu hanging on white kitchen space enhancing great look of clean kitchen galley architecture as it purposed to be comfort cooking and even chit chat area.

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