Studio Velocity’s Forest House

Forest House In The City Outlay Design

Have you ever imagined having an idyllic forest house in the city? Well, now you can since Studio Velocity has developed a gorgeous modern forest home in the city surrounded by natural vegetation just like a forest. The house does not look like a regular house located in the busy city. The forest house by Studio Velocity is simply different, both in the concept and in the design.

Forest House’s Design

It is somehow unbelievable to build a house surrounded by green vegetation, just like having a private forest, in the city. However, the concept of contemporary forest home design should have good appreciation. Basically, the design is very simple. It combines two different elements in one place. The modern house design combined with green landscape which is full of tree and grass. On the other hand, this house employs some gorgeous features, such as big windows located on each side and glass wall. It really represents an Eco-friendly house in the middle of a city.

Monochrome Color Scheme

Just like the other modern houses, the forest home design presented by Studio Velocity also applies modern concept for the color scheme. Monochrome color scheme is picked to decorate the house. White house design ideas applied in this forest house really make this house look very different among other houses in the neighborhood. The combination of white painted house, wooden floor, and greenish landscape leads this house to be a good green vegetated house to live. Not to forget, to give signature design which emphasizes the uniqueness of this forest house, the designer intentionally attached a deck hanging on the second floor of the house. Living in a big windows house surrounded by green vegetation in the middle of a city is everyone’s dream. It does not only represent a modern house for living but also a nature-balanced house which is very Eco-friendly for the surrounding and environment.

Forest House In The City Site Plan

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