Stunning Avant-garde Furniture from YOY Design

Canvas Chair Closeup For Painted Wall Decor

Unique shape and iconic line should be the must-be concept for avant-garde furniture design. Although it commonly has extravaganza shapes that only used to for exhibition site, YOY design from Japan is giving as side kick that providing canvas seating which really look like painting on canvas frame though it actually the chair that can be used for sit and even lay down the back.

Let’s take a look of this stunning idea that must be entertaining for people with high level of unique sense or having crazy idea to decorating their common residence and change it into original chic space. As it mentioned that instead only maintaining real avant-garde furniture, the YOY design is coming up with white canvas and black seating painting. It’s not only the painting though because people can sit on it. There are three seating styles from couple sofa, arm chair, and classic seat. All of them are made in monochrome colour, the couple sofa close to classic style with its monochrome floral pillow design while the second one can be matched in minimalist space with its stripes seating accent.

The, the last one is classic monochrome chair in traditional detail and shade. While using common material such as velvet for pillow and wooden for supported structure, this project is combining the way high technique art work with functional furniture value then the result is unique seating space that must be more stunning if it posit in white painted wall area.

As the original furniture, it can be matched with a wide range of accessories and another stuff such as coffee table, indoor plant, fur rug, traditional carpet, bulb lamp, pendant lamp, chandelier, bright wall decor, terracotta fireplace, marble flooring, granite counter top, wooden ceiling, soft cotton curtain drapery; everything that completed real avant-garde furniture design and making a touch of real furniture.

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