Stunning Modern Cottage with Wood Accent; Combination of Manmade Modernity and Natural Material

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Take a look into this modern cottage, and you’ll be stunned by both its elegance and simplicity exterior. Its simple yet designed with great performance and beautifully set, and architecturally conceptualized. Modern expression of geometric form with playing of composition and texture, clearly and cleverly showed from exterior performance. This beautiful cottage designed perfectly by Steve Moe Design studio. Wood, glass, and stone texture, combined into unity and beautiful expression, blend with natural site and integrate both natural and manmade artistic sense.

Lush and green surrounding provides beautiful natural view, thus the interior is designed to catch and exploit this opportunity. Several windows placed to gain this very view of outdoor, to add nature’s touch visually into interior. All of interior accented with wood. Texture, color, and appearance, dominate indoor appearance. Post and beam construction of wood, exposed elegantly, and blend magnificently with other material, such as marble floor and white background. Kitchen room also plays this pattern to its performance, all of this modern cottage furniture express natural and classy impression, provide you with gorgeous combination of wood expression to create classy and cozy living space.

You will find wood touch in every room. This theme of wood turns out dominantly as idea of this modern cottage interior design. Combining wood to elegantly integrate man made creation and nature. The stairs, furniture, storage, and main structure construction accentuate wood’s texture elegantly, with gloss coating to preserve it. Bathroom also reflects this very same wood expression by applying storage and drawers with same and continuous pattern of wood, you can find every wood material in same expression of color and texture, from window panel, door, and furniture.

Exterior of this cottage also reflect the wood significantly from its skin. Beautiful post and beam construction and vaulted ceiling from wood, exposed endearingly. Little touch of stone accent balance dominant wood texture, and color it with hard texture. Pitched roof is designed to be mirrored to prevent it from monotone conventional shape of building. Elegance exterior and beautiful modern cottage interior design, express the wood as main part of design creation.

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