Stunning Red Office to Raise Passion

Beautiful Funoffice Design In Rackspace Offices By Morgan Lovell

No one can deny that the color red is the color of passion, especially when it’s applied to a red office. It doesn’t mean that all furniture elements have to be red. The main thing is to give red nuance in the spaces. For an office, the atmosphere should be available in the first public place, which is reception space. You can choose whether the receptionist desk or the background receptionist wall is red. You may choose white desk but choose red wall as the background wall. Apply this idea the other way.

Even the color red is dominating the space but remember that to maintain the red atmosphere, choose only limited colors in the space. Better to choose only two other colors. The color white and black would be the best color to highlight the color red. We know that these two colors are usually mentioned as neutral colors. Maintaining the red atmosphere can create passionate red office.

One of the ideas to maintain the atmosphere is by creating a bunch of elements with color red, black, and white. For example, a set of furniture for employee interaction corner, you can put four chair of mixed color red and white. And then paint the wall with red but place all black ornament on the shelves. Covering the red wall with clear glass will make the space glamorous.

The question arise is the possibility to put other elements, color, and textured in the red space. Will it reduce the passionate atmosphere? The answer is definitely okay to put other elements as long as people brain fair enough to accept the condition. For instance, it is natural enough to place stacking bricks accent on some walls. Or you may place wood parquet as the floor. Since it’s natural for our brain, it will not ruin the passionate red office inspirations for you.

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