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Somehow when people design their house they try to avoid this area, small space. This is because you cannot put too much things but you also cannot leave it empty. In this case, it usually happens in home and interior design. Imagine if it happens to apartment. For sure you should d├ęcor it well and in enough amounts so it makes perfect living experience, especially for those who seek for relaxed life and comfortable at the same time.

Save your space by making an open floor plan to fit in living room, dining area, and kitchen as well. For living room, place white sofas which have wooden sofa legs. Bring blanket and pillow cushions all in black and white pattern. In front of this sofa, you can place small rounded table in white with metallic table legs. On top of table put reading books and accessories such as vase of flowers or bowl of fruits. Small space design will make you to roll out two patterned rugs under table and sofas for giving attractive focal point.

Next to this living room and connecting to beautiful scenery outside, build medium sized windows and add balcony area to enjoy your morning over a cup of coffee or tea. For extra chic and trendy styles place various pots and vases filled with various plants as well to refresh your eyes. You can put cute ornaments or even book collections here. Aside from this window put small ottoman or rounded chair to sit on if you are tired standing up while enjoy your view.

As for kitchen, use black and white theme as well, and for backdrop you can use checkered tiles which also can be used for water resistant wall when you wash you dishes. Small space design theme is minimalist one, yet you need to combine it with more colors. Nothing can ever beat the perfect accent color presented by natural indoor plants placed on your kitchen.

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