Stunning Stylish Interiors in Striking Black and White by Project Begovaya

Black And White Luxury Apartment With White Wall Black Floor

Geometrix Design has done great project called Begovaya and they made white and black interior house concept that will make you back to the cinemas in golden era. The two tones color apartment will give a more sensational feeling rather than the ordinary contemporary design of semi minimalism. This apartment has a brilliant interior that clad in black and white that will make you feel so gorgeous and back to the times when you can only see a black and white photography. It has some white and black bedrooms that are so luxurious and elegant even it only uses two colors in its decoration.

White and Black Living Room

This white and black apartment design also has extravagant flooring and lavish furnishings sport from the touch of Hollywood Regency. This house has an artistic, comfortable, warm and exquisite living room that is also decorated with the white and black concept so that it has a very beautiful white and black living space for the family. However, it has a regal chair that has stunning design. It is made in passionate purple color which can give nice variation to the theme of the room. That may be the only purple color in the living room, since the other colors are only black and white. The other ornament that is quite eye catching is the brown lamp shade and the modern as well as astonishing fireplace. Here, you can find some lighting’s which are rich in color and other attractive variations. You will also surprise with the Buddha heads in the cabinets.

White and Black Kitchen and Bathroom

The stylish white and black interior also applied in the white and black bathroom that is very luxurious and attractive. The house also has white and black kitchen decoration that also applied in the dining room. So that, the entire kitchen and the dining room has the same theme and concept of black and white interior design. With the very unique black and white house concept, you may remember to the time when this world only has black and white as it main color.

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